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Gerald Tiss

Vice President 

Gerald Tiss has over 25 years of experience in environmental testing and consulting.  He oversees the special testing division of JLC and has analyzed all types of data throughout his career.   He is an expert troubleshooter when it comes to finding cost effective solutions to our clients environmental challenges.   
Mr. Tiss and his team conduct Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments, subsurface soil testing and remediation oversight services.   He has extensive experience with a variety of air, soil and water quality monitoring projects.

In the local community, he is an active volunteer.   He is a judge for the annual Long Island Envirothon student challenge and is a volunteer captain for Operation SPLASH (Stop Polluting, Littering and Safe Harbors) a community based organization which helps improve the water quality with the watershed on the South Shore of Long Island, NY.  


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