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Claudia Morris

Environmental Investigator

Claudia Morris, a first generation immigrant from Colombia, South America, has many years of experience in the environmental consulting and testing field.  As part of the management team at JLC, she conducts building inspections and other services for our clients.   She has worked on a wide variety of projects such as industrial properties, high rise commercial office buildings, multi-family housing, infrastructure, government and higher education projects as well. 

Her most recent projects include working with the architect team on the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. renovation of the Roosevelt Island Tram System. Her common sense approach to her work as a project manager and her strong organizational skills have helped her rise through the ranks to become a Senior Project Manager and a New York City Department of Environment Protection licensed Investigator, a title very few women have earned.  

Licenses and Certifications:
- New York City Department of Environmental Protection Investigator

- New York State Department of Labor Project Monitor
- New York State Department of Labor Inspector

- New York State Department of Labor Air Sampling Technician


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