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Adam Corven is a casual runner and a Red Sox fan

Adam C.

Senior Environmental Project Manager

Adam Corven has over ten years of experience in the environmental industry, particularly in the control and management of risk related to the presence of lead-based paint (LBP), lead-containing paint and PCB's found in multi-family housing, educational facilities and industrial properties.   

Mr. Corven is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an Inspector and Risk Assessor for LBP.  He is also a Certified Microbial (Mold) Inspector and an asbestos inspector.  He has completed the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority Track Safety training program for work on rail and other steel structures.    

He has also received training in microbiological sampling techniques and methods.   His current duties include managing the field inspection staff conducting lead sampling and working with clients to help them find solutions to their  environmental needs.

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